VEVORbrand Ingredient Storage Bin, 11.4 Gallon Capacity Shelf Ingredient Bin, 280 Cup Flour Bins on Wheels Commercial Prosave Shelf- Storage with Lid and Scoop Rice Bin for Kitchen White


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VEVORbrand Ingredient Storage Bin, 11.4 Gallon Capacity Shelf Ingredient Bin, 280 Cup Flour Bins on Wheels Commercial Prosave Shelf- Storage with Lid and Scoop Rice Bin for Kitchen White

  • Brand: VEVOR
  • Material: PP+PET
  • Color: White
  • Size: 11.4 Gallon
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.70 x 23.60 x 20.00 Inches

Brand Introduction
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Product Description

Ingredient Storage Bin

This shelf ingredient bin is made of food-grade PP and PET material. The clear lids allow your ingredients to be identified quickly and sealed in freshness. The rectangular design is perfect for space-saving. Suitable for storing rice, flour, grain, and other dry goods. They are widely used in both commercial kitchens and homes.

Transparent Panel

Features a panel that gives you a precise scale, as well as a clear window that lets you identify what ingredient is inside at a glance and see how much inventory you have left.

PP+PET Material

This storage bin is made of security PP and high transparency PET for a comfortable experience, and it is effortless to clean. The barrel wall thickness is 3 mm, which is stable and can increase the service life.

Large & Practical Storage

This top groove loads up to 22 lbs, with a 10 x 7.9-inch sink size for a large storage area. At the same time, the sink design can store various items, like cups, pots, scoops, and so on.

11.4Gal Capacity

The flour storage containers have an 11.4 Gal capacity, which is equivalent to 100 shovels. In addition, each container is equipped with a shovel (0.1 Gal capacity), which helps avoid any cross-contamination that may occur when using the same scoop for multiple ingredients.

Multilayer Airtight

The lid adopts 3 layer seal design; compared with the flip-type rice bucket, our ingredient container is more sealed. In addition, it is equipped with 2 layer seal rings and 6 buckles in the middle layer, which can effectively keep the food fresh.

Flexible Caster Wheels

With four universal caster wheels on the bottom, you can smoothly move these ingredient storage containers, saving time and effort. Meanwhile, it can easily carry heavy loads.


Model: VV-IB-VW-50
Material: PP+PET
Capacity: 11.4 gal/ 50 L
Thickness: 0.12 inch/ 3 mm
Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 11.2 x 20 inch/ 600 x 285 x 510 mm
Color: White
Weight: 7.3 Lbs/3.3 kg

Package Content

1 x Ingredient Bin
1 x Shovel
– HIGH-QUALITY – The highlight of this product is that the rice bin has a transparent window and scale, which allows us to observe the allowance in the barrel and replenish it in time. At the same time, designed with high-quality food-grade PP and PET material, this commercial flour bin is convenient to store food and will not easily be contaminated. Furthermore, it is made of thickened 3 mm wall, which provides strength and durability.
– EXTRA STORAGE SPACE – Unlike other ingredient bin carts in the market, there is a groove design on the top, which provides a fantastic storage place. Dimension: 26 x 20 cm/ 10 x 7.9 inch; With 22 Lbs load capacity, this place can store many kitchen supplies, like bowls, cups, seasonings, and so on.
– LARGE CAPACITY – The commercial flour bin, with a large 11.4 Gal/50 L capacity, is suitable for taking in various kinds of dry foods, such as pasta, fusilli, rice, soybean, and corn. Come with a big shovel and an extensive opening (Dimension: 8.7×7.9 inch) allow for quick access to ingredients.
– CONSIDERATE DESIGN – The lids adopt a three-layer design for reliable sealing, two-layer sealing rings, and one-layer with six fixed buckles. With a magnet, the cover has a better sealing ability because it can be firmly adsorbed. A built-in damp-proof box can place deoxidizer or garlic to control the humidity and keep the food fresh.
– EASY TO MOVE – With 360-degree rotatable four-caster wheels on the bottom, this ingredient storage is easily maneuverable in any direction, permitting you to move around obstacles and save time.

Additional information
Dimensions20 × 23.6 × 8.7 cm





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