BENTISM Mini Fridge 10L 12 Cans,Portable Cooler Warmer,Skincare Fridge AC/DC Mini Cosmetics Makeup Fridge,for Bedroom Office Car Boat Dorm Skincare


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BENTISM Mini Fridge 10L 12 Cans,Portable Cooler Warmer,Skincare Fridge AC/DC Mini Cosmetics Makeup Fridge,for Bedroom Office Car Boat Dorm Skincare

  • Brand: BENTISM
  • Assembled Product Weight: 7.71 lb
  • Model: MFA-10L-C
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MNBXBSBLPT10L32ZHV120
  • Manufacturer: BENTISM
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.80 x 9.00 x 13.20 Inches

Product Description

10L Mini Fridge

This multifunctional 10L mini fridge has both cooling and warming modes, and it can go as low as 64.4 °F below ambient temperature and as high as 122 °F above ambient temperature. The 38db low decibel operation will not disturb your work and life. Equipped with home power adapter and 12V DC power cord, this Fridge is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, where you need to store food, drinks, breast milk, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

On the Go

Say goodbye to warm drinks on long car rides with this mini fridge’s car power cord! The 12V DC power cord allows you to easily connect your fridge to your car’s power supply to meet your needs for self-driving and outdoor activities and enjoy cool drinks and snacks while on the go!

Upgraded Water Collection Tank

No more worrying about water leakage with this skincare fridge! It comes equipped with an upgraded water collection tank that is located at the bottom of the fridge. This clever design collects condensed water inside the fridge, avoiding water leakage and keeping your space dry and clean.

Versatile Uses

This 10L cosmetic fridge is an excellent choice for any situation. With the ability to hold up to twelve cans of your favorite beverages (330ml), it’s perfect for storing a variety of food, fruits, drinks, cosmetics, and medicines to keep them cool and warm. Whether you’re heading out camping or just need extra storage space, this mini fridge has got you covered!

Compact and Portable

Small in size and light in weight (7.71lbs), this makeup fridge is the perfect companion for all your outdoor activities. With handles on both sides, carrying it around is a breeze! You’ll never have to worry about lugging around heavy coolers again.

Silent Operation

Don’t let a noisy fridge get in the way of your peace and quiet! With its thoughtful noise reduction technology, this portable mini fridge operates at a sound level of below 38bd, making it an ideal option for use in bedrooms, workplaces, and other areas where quiet is essential.

Cooling & Warming Dual Mode

With its cooling and heating dual modes, this cooler and warmer freezer is a real game-changer. The cooling mode can cool down to 64.4 °F below ambient temperature, while the warming mode can heat up to 122 °F above ambient temperature.


Item Model Number: MFA-10L-C
Color: White
Capacity (L): 10L/12 Cans
Cooling Range: 18°C / 64.4 °F
Warming Range: 50°C / 122 °F
Inner Liner Material: Aluminum Liner
Power: DC9V; Cooling: 50W; Heating: 45W
Weight: 7.71 lbs / 3.50 kg
Noise: 38 dB
Size: 10.82 x 9.05 x 13.19 inch / 275 x 230 x 335 mm

Package Content

1 x Mini Fridge
1 x US Power Adapter
1 x DC Car Power Cable
1 x Water Collection Tank
1 x Towel
1 x Manual
– Cooling & Warming: Our mini fridge features both cooling and warming functions, allowing you to adjust the mode to your desired temperature. The cooling mode can reach below 64.4 °F ambient temperature, while the warming mode can go up to 122 °F ambient temperature. It only takes one and half hour to achieve the corresponding cooling effect.
– User-friendly Design: No more worries about water leakage! We’ve upgraded our portable refrigerator with a water collection tank located at the bottom of the fridge to collect any condensed water inside the fridge. A towel is also included to wipe off any excess condensed water. Remember to drain the collected water regularly to keep your fridge clean and dry.
– Quiet Operation: The considerate noise reduction technology ensures that the fridge operates at a noise level of less than 38bd, making it quieter and less disruptive to work and daily life. It won’t disturb your rest and is perfect for any setting – be it your bedroom, office or nursery.
– Compact but Spacious: Our mini-fridge features a small body, but it can hold up to twelve 330ml cans in its 10L capacity, weighing only 7.71lbs. Both sides are equipped with carrying handles to make it portable and easy to carry, ideal for storing food, drinks, breast milk, skincare products, medicine, and more.
– Versatile and Convenient: The personal fridge comes with both a 12V car DC power cord and a household power adapter, making it suitable for self-driving and outdoor activities. Its sleek design and practical functions also make it a great gift for loved ones and friends who enjoy hiking, picnics, or camping trips.

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Weight7 kg
Dimensions13.2 × 9 × 10.8 cm